4 Signs Your Cat Might Benefit from CBD

A cat receiving CBD oil drops.

Over the past few years, the CBD market has exploded. CBD enthusiasts are adamant about the benefits that this popular supplement can provide. More recently this enthusiasm has crossed over into the world of animals. Animal lovers everywhere are discovering the positive effects that can CBD can have on your pets.

While many people know that CBD can be beneficial to dogs, there are many cat owners who are unaware that CBD is safe and effective for cats too. This is because CBD, a chemical compound found in cannabis, works on the endocannabinoid system of all mammals to provide beneficial effects to the entire body. Unlike THC (another compound found in cannabis), CBD is safe and does not have psychoactive effects that could be harmful for your pet. That being said, it’s important to research the CBD products that you choose by reading third-party lab reports to ensure they are safe and effective.

If you’re wondering if your cat might benefit from CBD, here are four important signs that it might be an option you should consider.

Your Cat is Suffering from Chronic Illness

For cats that are experiencing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), pancreatitis, arthritis, asthma, seizures and more, CBD can alleviate uncomfortable symptoms. If you’ve noticed a personality change in your pet since they became sick, this could be due to chronic discomfort linked to their illness. Incorporating CBD can be an effective way to relieve some of these symptoms so their true personality can shine through, providing you both with more quality time together. As always, be sure to check with your vet before supplementing with CBD, especially if your cat is taking other medications.

Your Cat is Anxious

As a cat-lover, you can surely recognize the signs of an anxious cat. Perhaps your cat suffers from daily separation anxiety, or just has an anxious temperament. There are some cats that become anxious when triggered by visitors or a ride in the car. Using CBD strategically can turn down the volume on these stressful situations. Consider using CBD drops in one of your cat’s favorite foods before a triggering event to prevent the onset of anxiety. Managing your cat’s stress can lessen the detrimental effects that it has on their mind and body and improve their well-being.

Your Cat is Aging

If your cat is older, you may have noticed that they are suffering from pain exacerbated by their aging joints. While aging is unavoidable, CBD can be used to mitigate the negative effects by reducing the inflammation that is at the root of joint pain. Soothing your pet’s joint pain has exponential benefits because reduced pain will allow them to be more active. Maintaining a healthy level of activity in an aging pet is essential to ensure that they can preserve mobility and maintain a healthy weight. Taking care of these two factors can work in synergy with CBD to prevent further joint damage, allowing your pet to have a better quality of life into their golden years. For aging pets, CBD salves are a great option because they can be applied directly to the affected area, proving instant targeted

Your Cat Isn’t Eating

Cat owners know that the first sign of trouble is when a cat stops eating. This behavior can often be the precursor for potentially serious problems and should always be investigated by your vet. However, once the details of your pet’s health have been sorted out, it is essential that they eat a nutritious diet with sufficient calories in order to consume the nutrients they need to remain healthy and strong. Loss of appetite can cause a vicious cycle that makes it more difficult for your cat to recover. If your cat has lost their appetite and you have discussed it with your vet, incorporating CBD into their diet can be a helpful way to restore their appetite and increase their calorie intake.

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