Mission Statement

At Rescue CBD, we are committed to the health and well-being of animals everywhere. In pursuit of this commitment, we have developed a line of CBD oil products that are designed to improve your pet’s quality of life. Over recent years, the body of evidence that supports the health benefits of CBD in animals has grown exponentially. At Rescue CBD we are dedicated to making these health benefits available to animals everywhere.

Our unique CBD oil has been specially formulated with non-GMO organic ingredients to increase safety and efficacy because we believe that all animals deserve the very best. Vets and pet owners have seen the positive benefits of Rescue CBD oils and many have reported an improvement in anxiety, pain, inflammation, allergies, seizures, and cancer.

While we are delighted that Rescue CBD has improved the lives of so many animals, in the United States approximately 6.5 million companion animals find themselves in shelters each year. These pets might suffer from a variety of ailments, which are only exacerbated by the anxiety and discomfort of living at a shelter. These ailments and anxiety can alter an animal’s temperament, making them less likely to be adopted. Sadly, many animals who are not adopted are euthanized.

In light of these disturbing statistics, an integral part of our mission includes redirecting 10% of our profits to support animal shelters by donating our products to those animals in need. It is our hope that by improving the health, well-being, and temperament of animals in shelters, that we can improve the chances that those animals will find loving forever-homes.

Why Did We Choose the Word "Rescue"?

Each year, millions of animals find themselves in shelters through no fault of their own. Often the stress and discomfort of living in a shelter causes an otherwise friendly pet to experience anxiety. This anxiety negatively affects the animal’s temperament, making it more difficult to bond with and trust potential owners. This unfortunate set of circumstances can often spell a death sentence for animals that are not adopted for long periods of time.

CBD oil can play an important role in “rescuing” these animals from this sad fate, by improving their discomfort and anxiety so that their true nature can emerge. Minimizing the trauma that the animal experiences at the shelter allows potential owners to interact with these animals while the animals are feeling their very best. We believe that by improving the interaction between a shelter animal and a potential owner that we can improve the likelihood that these animals will find a loving family, effectively rescuing them from an unfortunate fate at the shelter.